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Biodanza Sonnensaal Glarisegg
Abends am See
Abends am See
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Erhalte ich bei einer Stornierung mein Geld zurück?

Sollte es aus irgendeinem Grund nicht möglich sein teilzunehmen und du musst deine Teilnahme absagen, gelten unsere AGB. Dabei richtet sich die konkrete Möglichkeit für eine Rückzahlung danach, wann die Stornierung erfolgt. Genaues wird in unseren Stornobedingungen erläutert.

Ab wann kann ich in Glarisegg anreisen und einchecken?

Die Anreise ist am Beginn um 16 Uhr möglich. Bitte in Glarisegg bei der Seminarorganisation einchecken und danach bei uns einchecken.

Why people attend the Alegria Biodanza Festival?

People feel the desire to reconnect with love, joy and passion. They want to feel it again inside of them. The festival gives the space for all to connect with love inside of their life. It is a possibility to experience the relationship with a lot of people. Biodanza is a ritual of life. When the circle is turning we discover with our look in our eyes the mystic. We connect heart to heart, holding hands, we feel all us humans we experience that we are one.

Taking care of all in our surrounding, feeling profound gratitude for all what exits

Collective dance making a step with love and motivation to create a surrounding where we can develop many areas of conscious about life.

At the moment we Speaking about to really care mother earth this we can do just feeling all the nature & beauty the nature animals inside of us and to care the people

What will I get out dancing a Vivencias in the festival?

Each Vivencia has a different subject (Dance of now. The presence of the facilitator could bring a different resonance in the people . The meaning of the Vivencia has a subject to develop. It exist a broad variety of subjects. .

People will develop a personal grow related to the theme of the dance. It will be rewarded in our life to be more connected with the own essence.

How do I communicate my feeling and thoughts? It will help to solve the separation of our self. In the dance we melt with oneself, with the other and with the totality.

To integrate more aspects in our life to bring the hidden aspects to the light will enrich our inner beauty and our essence.

We need to live more through the impulse of our heart and to feel the courage. It means love, passion and intensity. We will be free our self and the freedom we will feel.

Who are the facilitators?

The facilitator are the inner circle of angels. They have learned with me and they believe in dance and music. With their courage, love and fire the festival burns. Women and men, leaders and friends.

How many people come the a Vivencia? Different
How can we transfer the joy of life into our everyday life?
Every propose that we dance is related to our daily life too. In the way each Vivencia the theme choose by the facilitator because she or he copes with this in their life. The dance is not apart from our experiences in family, work and society. You can feel encouraged to transform the processes of the dance into your life. The festival is an invitation to discover your potential in a collective of conscious people. The encounters give you the stimulation what we miss in the daily life. It is a bridge to continue dancing with a regional group. Because what you experienced in the festival will be integrated deeper with the group process. The conscious transformation will last, but it need that we are working with the integration and development.

In Biodanza and in the festival we don’t act with the blocks or symptoms.

We stimulate the love of life. It is to fall in love with life. Alegria Biodanza Festival will improve the best of our life and will courage us to see our friends.

You will feel the strength in yourself.

The festival will give you an impulse. After we going on in the group